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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission, may 9, 2012. please call the roll. >> commissioner hyde, here, commissioner perez, here. item one is public comment. this is the opportunity for the public to address the commission on items of interest to the public which are subject to our jurisdiction. these items are not on our agenda. is there public comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. the minutes of april 24. anybody? >> i found something wrong with -- have not found anything wrong with our minutes until now. i thought a last name should be added. other public comments on the minutes? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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can i have a motion to continue the minutes? we have a motion and a second. item #3. report of the executive director. kraska evening. i have a short report. -- good evening. given there is two weeks between meetings -- [unintelligible] i will briefly let you know that small business week 2012 begins next week on the 14th of may. and the commission will be participating.
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where are present at the -- we are present at the kickoff event on monday night. commissioner perez is helping with some collateral material and marketing so people will know we're there. we will be telling small businesses about what we do. and the balance of the week, you should take a look at the small business commission website because there is a lot of things that go on all week long in the neighborhoods that i think also we should remain involved with. the other thing i wanted to appeal -- of the yuan is -- update you on tupelo. we had an application from
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tecolote. -- tupelo. they ended up at board of appeals. there were appealing the zoning administrator's letter. they did not prevail. they lost the appeal and the decision came out last week. they are, i believe, in the process to resolve the issues. i expect at some point, it will be back to that commission and a new set of conditions you will consider with respect -- to that permit. lastly, i wanted to let you know, i am sure we will talk about it as well.
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the examiner was interested so we gave him our contacts and background on what we do and how we do it. and went ahead and scheduled a follow-along. they said it is not ok to get into the vehicle that he drives around in for liability purposes so it was a follow-along. that happened april 28. it was a saturday night. they visited four or five different corridors of entertainment and got to see a lot of action. i do not think it was anything particularly negative, it was a good night out there. cristero full, we are hopeful -- we're hopeful that the peace will -- piece is in "the
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examiner." and also in that timeframe, [unintelligible] of the budget process. we're asking for the budget as we do every year and hopefully we will be approved and there will be more recognition of what we do and why we need the money to do it. that is all i have to talk about. do you want to follow me up there? >> sure. in your binder you will see my report. i will hit some of the high notes or the low notes. starting off, you will see under administrative citations that your old friend la oficina was cited again. unfortunately, the changes that were put on their permit by this
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commission have still yet to be mapped in full. -- met in full. i leave it up to one business comes up what you would like to do, call them back in. we have to continue to monitor the situation. there are still problems. moving on, you will see under the notices of violation, you will see a bunch in the mission. we have been spending a good amount of time in the mission for several weeks for cinco de mayor. the 16th street corridor is busy. it is one of the busier corridors like that in the city and it is great. it is good to be at their trade you will have of -- see a lot of people out there having a good time. we have talked with mission station, it is a little messy
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and we are focusing as we have on the past -- in the past on polk street. there were problems and we're trying to be proactive. this is another situation where we are shifting our attention to that area to again be proactive. not bad, we're not having a lot of incidents like that coming out of the area. the venues and bars and clubs in the area could clean up a little bit, do crowd control and some control a little better. we will be in the area working at and educating and letting those venues now -- know. it will see 1522 bush st.. -- you will see 1522 bush st. someone had taken an automotive cars and turned it into a nightclub. it was found last year and sfpd
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no. station and the entertainment commission staff working together were able to shut that down, working with the owner of that space. apparently, they're back open for business. working with no. station and abc and the fire department, we have a pretty sound strategy moving forward in dealing with this particular location. i will be able to report those results later on. all agencies are in agreement that it was time to step it up a little bit and move against them a little more seriously. we will be working with the city attorney. on the warning of the 29th -- morning of the 29th in the broader area, there were shots fired. only one person was hurt. anyone getting shot is a serious matter but it was not, it was a leg wound. we did not have someone in
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critical condition. as hard as it is, that is the good news. there were some cars and so forth that suffered damage. pd's in the area were able to respond. people were detained and arrested and there were able to grab some of the guns, so that is always good news. also, we had an incident last night at milo lounge, this is a karaoke place in japantown and we had a serious assault with two people going to the hospital. we met with the current owner of the lambs today, this afternoon. once again, we explained what they are not -- and not allowed
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to do. cinco de mayo overall was a little odd. people were out and about having a good time during the day. there were parts of the mission, surprising as it may sound, that were completely quiet and nothing was going on. there were large parts of the city that were completely quiet on cinco de mayo. with the weather and the weekend, part of the partying was done during the day. when i time rolled around, most people were parted -- partied out. we had some minor stuff. as far as the ride-along director kane discussed, we were able to take the reporter and her photographer to polk street, into the mission, all over the city. they were able to see us work
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with the news that had some problems, then use - venus that had some -- venues that had some problems and some that were doing well. we were able to connect with some of the sfpd alu unit. it seemed pretty good. it was about those higher notes. unless you have questions. >> i have a couple of questions. can you bring them in and tell them they have to straighten up and fly right or we might start suspension proceedings or violations of that condition? >> we have done that already via e-mail last week for the week before. >> did they respond to the e- mail? >> yes. >> and --
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>> and there were still problems as of last weekend. >> on the shots fired, where were they fired exactly? >> it was broadway -- the montgomery area. >> was there a nexus to any venue? >> there is still an investigation and i cannot comment. i am not sure what evidence has been found. most of the parties involved are under the age of 21. there are not many venues in that area accept the strips clubs -- except the strip clubs. >> are there any questions? is there public comment on the executive director's report seeing none, -- directors
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report? seeing none, public comment is closed. nice to see you. >> anything. i am liaison to this commission from the department. i have two issues. i want to thank jocelyn kane for participating in a training two weeks ago with our permanent officers. the focus of the training was to assure good quality presentations to this commission and set up in such a way that the statutory framework is what we're using consistently with our investigations. the executive director kane drove that homes and want to thank her for that. taking the afternoon to come over. those trains will continue. if any of you would like to come at any point, their monthly. we would appreciate the chance to meet with you.
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and hope this is helpful to the commission on reaching applications and other matters that come forth. second issue, broadway, we're in the third operational period of an enforcement on broadway which is a friday, saturday night presents of police officers or motorcycle officers wear the intent is to enforce 121 fpc and work with the various club owners and stakeholders up there and provide for safe and vibrant nightlife on broadway. looking at some of our numbers coming out at this stage of the operation, on april 29, we had a shooting that involved .22
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rounds being discharged and one person being hit. it was pretty horrific. the shots at it up in cars and buildings. that gave me cause to look at the number of guns we have taken out since last september. the count is 17 guns. we have -- had the event last weekend with the .22 rounds. we took two more guns out of a vehicle on broadway last week. we called a meeting with a few stakeholders from the prairie area -- broadway area to reach out to the district groups and talk about this and ask them to think about ideas. we're doing pretty heavy enforcement up there. the response, i guess because
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this community is so tight, the e-mail went far and wide and we ended up with cmac, slim's there were -- slims, ther's, there wee 15 people who showed up. we have been having conversations. the group gets that this is this potential for violence is detrimental to everyone's business and there will be a summit with all the permit holders on broadway to come together and i think ms. kane, we will be asking you to do it up a topic will be laid out. very concerned going for about the number of guns we have of their -- up there. there was interest around the
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table and interesting ideas, so that will be coming forward to you. it will probably come tomorrow. we will have -- we had the meeting. what 3:00 p.m. today. any questions? >> you are talking about the vehicles on the street, having guns. one of the meetings i have been to in the area around broadway, they were talking about closing down the streets so vehicles could not go on to the street and having it sort of an open area. the vehicles are bringing the guns onto broadway possibly. what you think? >> everything should be sort of on the table in terms of options. it has pros and cons and unintended consequences. i am more focused on the potential for violence and strategizing amongst the owners
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about the business practices of some of the clubs and there seemed to be a real broad interest in working in industry groups in summit fashion with the commission to throw these things out on the table. but to treat it as an urgent matter. i have heard the proposal for closing the streets and i believe, i love to see broadway a world class entered -- destination for entertainment. i do not know whether that one solution is based solution and i do not know if it is the next -- is the solution and i do not know if it is the next step on the continuum. >> people are 18 and under. i would assume that is not necessarily club related because they cannot get into the clubs. >> i guess -- i agree with you. there are a lot of folks under age who cannot get into the clubs. i wish there was -- the
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entertainment up there. i do not think anyone was pointing fingers at anyone else. they looked at it as a problem for everybody on broadway. i think there has been tremendous work and discussion from the board of supervisors and those meetings you have had are dancing -- advancing the issue of broadway. the issue today is we want to assure foxberry is safe and we want them to come there. -- broadway is safe and we want them to come there. in the summit format, you might find them interesting. also about the various entertainment planners out there, figuring out across three blocks how to change that instead of saying there is one problem.
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i do not necessarily think there is one problem. that is a very jazzy area of the city that has tremendous potential. if we look to great ideas, we do not want to run in and mess this public safety issue we can address and address quickly, i thing. >> in south of market when people come into the area to press upon the patrons of the club, it was -- to prey upon the patrons of the club, it was the impetus for what his nation. -- legislation. are the patrols that are on the street aware that -- of that and move people along and enforce
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that peace of legislation? >> that piece of legislation, broadway at one time going back a year, broadway wasth from different parts of town and put them up there and provide police presence. this series of operations we have done are very focused, directed, and well managed. we have the tenderloin seen every night. and at least every other weekend or third weekend, depending on what is going on. the officers are taking serious enforcement. it is not just the present thing. we are doing traffic enforcement. two track -- traffic arrests, two violations. i think that is a tremendous tool, the loitering law.
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that statute is not without complexity in its enforcement. and nonetheless, we can do more of that enforcement. this last weekend, we got five or 6121 m -- or six 121 violations. it is a tool for us to keep our eye on the street. are we using it and can we be using a more? absolutely. we had six public drug and arrests. what concerns me -- we had six public drunkenness arrests. what concerns me -- whe are supportive of the industry's goals and serious enforcement. there were no complaints about
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the presence of officers. it has been described as too many and a terrible situation in the past. they're happy with the officers out there. which is a plus. what concerns me is we have them there and we're still getting guns in there. guns are for us a real indicator of the level of potential violence. we do not know how many guns we do not get out of there. i think it is a good point to stop and say let's focus on this. that was their message to me that they are going with and i look forward to participating in that discussion. >> there was -- was their common thread, you said 17 guns that were found. is there programming of a certain venue? if we're getting to the source of the problem, there will be a lot of creative solutions. i am curious if there was a certain profile or they're under 18, what is going on? >> it is hard to generalize.
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to sit there was a particular type of entertainment or venue, you have to have that be a close nexus. here is why that happened. i have seen these all over the board. there is some gang activity. there is a dolls that get their guns afterwards -- adults that get their friends afterwards because they want to shoot someone out there. any of you who would like to come out with me or the inspector and a weekend night, we can go do it. -- on a weekend night, we can go do it. that is why this potential for violence is something i am being so serious about today. i did not feel there was time to wait until we got everyone together.
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i cannot generalize. i can tell you that the younger folks, some gang activity, there's a certain compound and that seems to come from other cities. a lot of folks come from other cities. and i guess after all these years i cannot fathom why someone would have a gun and why someone would shoot someone in public but it happens. we go back to nine months ago where that fellow with the round his neck that was -- that was sort of a huge deal in terms of the potential for innocent bystanders being killed but that did not happen. we can generalize a little bit as the conversation goes on. i look at location and the acts of people other than the suspect to see how we can prevent these sorts of things. i think the issue of driving --
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if certain types of entertainment are the issue, the industry has a far better hand on that than i do. they get it and they also get it that they might want to say it is hip-hop or this or that. the effect is on three blocks and you have the interest of stakeholders. >> i am looking forward to the summit. >> anybody else? >> thank you for taking time to give us an update. we look forward to the officer training. >> inspector will give you his phone number afterwards and you can come to any training. i enjoy coming here and i enjoy supporting of the entertainment community and support of public safety. the two things are not mutually exclusive. you can advance both of those
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public policies. the group by saw has a real energy about doing that. >> thank you so much, cmdr. -- commander. ok. item five, hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of this commission. the first item is the consent calendar. there are four items on it. i would like to move to remove item c and d without objection to consider individually. and a vote on items a and b. is there any public comment on the consent call at -- calendar? ok.
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can we have a motion? >> i would like to move to approve items a and b on the consent calendar. >> commissioneok. june robins? thank you. so, commissioners, the reason i pulled this off, the police conditions. one way to prove something on the consent calendar, we approve it as is. in this case, i have an issue with the police